20201004_114932JFW Batesville Plant, Kenmount Terrace, October 4, 2020 – 25 people – JFW members and friends – showed up and put down 600 seedlings in the burnt-out area behind Kenmount Terrace, St. John’s.  the seedings – half black spruce, half white spruce – came from the Department of Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture.  the plant was sponsored by casket company Batesville, who are big supporters of reforestation.  the space at Kenmount Terrace was offered by the City of St. John’s.  in June of 2018, a fire burned through just behind a growing subdivision.  for the full story on Guide to the Good, click here.  for more photos, click here.







JFW Mel Kelly Plant, October 6, 2019 – In October the Giant Squid and the Wild Wanderers gathered with family and friends of Melodie Kelly at Bannerman Park in St. John’s.  Mel was the Founder of the Wild Wardens, and she passed away suddenly in the spring of 019.  JFW wantead to honour her memory by doing something that she loved – gathering outdoors and enjoying good company.  Mel’s husband Wayne and daughter Georgia let the plant, and all who were there participated.  The plant was part of the City’s Commemorative Tree Planting program, and Mel’s name will be added to a display at Bowring Park.  The tree was sponsored by the Alberta Junior Forest Warden Association in memory of Mel.


Jcompjfw96profile photo 635x470FW Batesville Plant, September 23 2019 – Every fall Junior Forest Wardens love to get outdoors and plant. This year the Annual Batesville Plant took place at Colliers. It was a perfect day to plant – good sun, but no flies because there was a decent wind.

Seven JFW families and friends participated.  They paired up in teams, traversed the barrens and together dropped about 500 seedlings – white spruce, black spruce and juniper.

We had the boil up of course – lipton cup of soup, hot dogs, hot chocolate and all the trimmings.  Big thanks to Sara at the Department of Fisheries and Land Resources setting us up with the location and the sweet seedlings.  And big thanks to Batesville for their continued support. Batesville is a Canadian casket-making company.  Each year they support tree plants that contribute to sustainable forests for generations to come.



icefishing3Ice Fishing, February 2019 – Giant Squid took to the pond for a bit of ice fishing in CBS!  it was freezing and amazing.  we didn’t catch any trout, but we didn’t freeze to death. we had a boil-up with Lipton Cup A Soup, and hot chocolate. a couple of new families came for the first time and they loved it!








Hike & Chop

  20181118_122024 20181118_133834 

Hike & Chop on Sunday November 18, 2018  – it was sunny and cold and a perfect day for an adventure!  the Giant Squid hike & chop started at the ‘other side’ of Signal Hill and traipsed the Burma Road / up to the top at Ladies Lookout and down the Hill, back the Burma Road. then we got busy.   two 72 year old trees (we counted) were felled in a Warden family garden.   our task was to chop ’em up for firewood. (as personal note, chopping the trunk was like chopping a car in half with an axe).  did we do it?  check out the gallery!   (NOTE – the chopping action as depicted is ironic!   we did not chop like that.)


Junior Forest Wardens and Rotarians pose with shovels next to a newly planted Sugar Maple tree and a large pile of mulch.Legacy Plant 2018! on Saturday, October 20th, the Junior Forest Wardens and the St. John’s Rotary Club came together to plant 30 sugar maple trees in a new orchard at Rotary Sunshine Park. the trees were dedicated to Rotarians who had passed in the previous year, as well as JFW Vice President John Calver. the day began in the Rotary Chalet with addresses from Brian McShane, Jennifer Keyte, and Don Sword of the Rotary Club. then, Junior Forest Wardens read the names of the Rotarians being honoured by the plant. after the gathering, we headed down to the field and planted the trees. it was hard but rewarding work, and helping hands got the job done. to end off the day, Wild Wanderers, Giant Squids, and Rotarians and their families enjoyed hamburgers and cake in the chalet, and registration was opened for the Junior Forest Wardens 2018-2019 year.



adults and children listening to a forager describe how to harvest in the summer sun
#playoutdoors ~ FORAGE! 
the third #playoutdoors event was another exercise in AWESOME!  a whole busload of excellent adventurers followed the Awesome Shawn Dawson around the Grounds at Murray Meadows farm in Portugal Cove – St Phillips.  it was a glorious day to walk in the woods and o what we found!  so much see and touch and taste and smell. chanterel, pineapple weed, blueberries, forest tic-tacs, labrador tea, tea and that’s just a few!    check out a few of the shots!  after the forage we hopped back on the bus and went to the water, where Jamille and Eniola shared some wise water tips from Conservation Corps NL.  and – no surprise – there was more to forage by the pond.  so.  much.  mint!



Posing in front of the bus after the hike with the JFW flag and conservation corps poster

hike~woods~ocean  The second #playoutdoors event this summer couldn’t have gone any better!  thegreenrock.ca, the Junior Forest Wardens and with the amazing East Coast Trail volunteer Terry Horwood at the fore, led a line of families from Torbay to Middle Cove in the Silver Head Mine Path.  What an adventure!

The weather was ideal, and the crowd was pumped! hike~woods~ocean was a hiking event with a visual scavenger hunt. Participants were invited to take in the beautiful scenery while being conscious of their environment with the help of the little picture booklets provided. Check out the gallery here!




shelter building volunteersJFW Open Field Day  The Junior Forest Wardens NL – Giant Squid and the Wild Wanderers – along with more than 20 Junior Forest Wardens from Alberta welcomed dozens of families for the #playoutdoors JFW Open Field day July 14th.  It was a fun time for all – activities included shelter building, fire starting with flint and steel, rope-making from grass, outdoor cooking, canoeing, tree planting and so much more! Although the weather was wet no one seemed to mind!   Check out the gallery!

The event was supported by thegreenrock.ca ~ Live Sustainably NL,the Department of Children, Seniors and Social Development, Recreation NL, Department of Fisheries and Land Resources, and Conservation Corps NL. Community organizations including Paddle NL, Association for New Canadians, Sharing our Cultures, the Macmorran Community Centre, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Fishing for Success and the City of St. John’s also supported the event. Also, Chief Warden of Canada, Dave Cullen, arrived in his motor home as part of his cross country tour!

Glenn Andrews of NTV news covered the event, have a look!  and there is more here

Junior Forest Warden Tree Sale – June 16 2018

Junior Forest Wardens and CD's Tree staff stand outdoors looking happy

the sun shone brilliantly in Logy Bay on Saturday morning, and the Junior Forest Wardens were ready for it!  the Annual Tree Sale at CD’s Trees – this was our 6th year with Chris & Debbie and the crew – was another magnificent day for JFW NL.  the Giant Squid and the Wild Wanderers had  a blast!

the first-timers were thrilled, and so were the customers and friends who come back every year to buy a tree, have a chat, and support the program.   the sun shone, but not for tooooo long.  there was a bit of sunburn and a few fly bites mitigated by mid day with a misty push of caplin weather.  no worries – the Wardens were tending to customers (Satisfaction Guaranteed, right James!) and a great day was had by all – click for the shots!



Rotary JFW Legacy project – May 28, 2018

Wardens getting ready for the Rotary Legacy project at CD’s Trees!


JFW – Rotary Partnership!  In May the Rotary Club of Avalon Northeast and JFW came together on the topic of trees and legacy!   From May 25-27th there was a Rotary District Conference held in St. John’s for Rotary clubs throughout Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, PEI, and St. Pierre et Miquelon.  Tradition is to hold a memorial service on the Sunday morning to recognize Rotarians who have passed away throughout the past year.   This year, after a challenge by our International President to plant a tree for every Rotarian in our District, JFW and Rotary teamed up!   JFW Wild Wanderers and Giant Squid were in attendance at the tree ceremony, which featured 30 Sugar Maples from CD’s Trees.  Later this summer the Wardens will plant the saplings in what might become a Sugar Maple Legacy orchard, in memory of the Rotarians and our own John Calver, a JFW leader.






happy JFW Christmas!
young teen Junior Forest Wardens cut a cake and stand around a table of hand-made wooden bowls

the JFW Giant Squid Club doesn’t just plant trees, we also make things out of the wood that’s made from trees!

in this case the wood was leftover from the amazing wood working shop of John MacCallum, and the Wardens started the project at Camp in November.   the resulting bowls are cool-looking and fun, and the process including steaming, bending, and locking into position so the bowl would keep its shape.

along with wood and glue, there was pizza and cake and lots of happy campers.






Do You Canoe?

IMG_5647July 21, 2017 – In anticipation of a big double overnight with a portage,six JFW St. John’s East families took a trek to Juniper Lake, hosted by Christina and Brent, for a practice run.

There was fabulous food, games of trampoline trust, tenting, trailering, cabining and big big game of MAFIA, but the smash sensation of the time was the canoe carnival scavenger hunt.  It took some time to get the ducks in a row.

Safety came first, so when there was a canoe tip it was well-managed, and wow those guys got into the rhythm of the paddle when there was a prize at stake!  52 cards were hidden around the lake, and they got ’em.  For their reward they earned bragging rights and a bar of Newfoundland Chocolate.  Best Kind.




Challengers Hike!

In July the Challengers set off on an adventure on foot.  Challengers are the oldest group of Wardens, ranging in age from 15-18.  Two groups of four did the Stiles Cove 15.1 kilometre hike on the East Coast Trail (one Warden did it twice!).  The weather was good, the food was no-so-good the first time, but better the second time.  The parents were proud to see the not-so-little hikers take to the trail, but also sad that we didn’t get invited to go.  Next time!


JFW NL goes to National Camp! 

adults and kids in front of a wall tent in the summer
Jack MacCallum, John MacCallum, Kim Todd, Owen Finn, Lucy Finn, Kate Finn, Dave Finn, Garry Nelson

July 1 – 8, Big Stone Alberta.    On Canada Day, seven members of Junior Forest Wardens St. John’s East arrived in JFW heaven in the form of Canadian Home Grown – JFW National Campout 2017.  The camp was seven days and eight nights of amazing fun on the Praire with about 650 other members.

The whole Newfoundland and Labrador contingent was blown-away by the warm welcome.  The Camp Committee put on a jaw-dropping array of sessions that were more than worth coming across the country for.  There was a bit of everything all around us all the time – sun, storm, adventure, tightrope walking, card-board boat racing/sinking, concerts, canoeing, building a playground, and a whole lot of memories but that wasn’t even the best of it.  The best of it was meeting interesting JFW people.  It’s a big, extended family.

Read the full story here.




2017 JFW Annual Tree Sale a Success!

JFW and CD's trees celebrating a successful tree sale!

June 17th 2017 – It was a warm and beautiful Saturday when upwards of 300 supporters came to the  2017 Annual JFW Tree Sale ! This year the St. John’s East and the Wild Wanderers joined forces with CDs Trees and thegreenrock.ca to make the Tree Sale a great  success!

Many hands made light work, generous hearts made new friends, little kids looked up to big kids, and big kids enjoyed little kids, people came down over the hill happy, and it was a very good fundraiser indeed!

It was the tremendous support from JFW Clubs and the community that made the tree sale a great success. From the helping hands of the little Wild Wonderers and parents, to the guidance of pathfinders and challengers from St. John’s East, to the unconditional support from CD’s Trees, thegreenrock.ca, the Department of Fisheries & Land Resources and NTV News. Everyone had such a good time that right before it was all over, there was talk of a provincial camp! Imagine!



Third Annual Slide Scoff & Soak – EXTREME

2017-02-26 14.11.52February 26, 2017 – Jennifer hosted a joyous and magnificent third annual Slide Scoff and Soak, and it was perfect (even though the weather didn’t do its part)!

rain stopped the slide short, but JFW St. John’s East is a crew that wouldn’t let it stop outdoor adventure.  the Wardens (and friends) took to the deep, wet and sloppy snow, and the hot tub, and did extreme challenges – who can lie in the snow the longest, who can hold their breath the longest, and who can have the most fun.

we were all clear winners!


also, people are extremely excited about the idea of going to National Camp, July 1-8, 2017, Big Stone Alberta.



JFW St. John’s East Fall Camp


November 11 – 13, 2017 – St. John’s East LOVES the fall camp at Foxtrap.  this is was our fourth time there, and we keep wanting to go back.

there was archery and fire-making, fabulous food and tightrope walking, and of course the game of cards.  happy people doing happy things, indoors and out.

milestones this round – Lila became an official Warden, and Kaycee (dog) joined the fun.






JFW Open House 2016 !

The JFW posing for a picture at the end of the Open House
October 20, 2017 – The word got around town that the Junior Forest Wardens were having a fun family event at the Open House, and so families from St. John’s and surrounding areas swarm to CD’s Trees on Sunday October 23rd in the midst of a warm drizzle.

The Wardens diligently arrived to CD’s Trees ahead of time to set up the site, light up a fire for the wieners and hot coco, and set up the archery area.  Just exactly at 2:30, the rain came down in BUCKETS!   Wardens took cover and reassessed.   The fire was out, but everything else was a go and they came!

Wet, but warm Wardens guided guests in the scavenger hunt, geo-caching, archery and there was even a lean-to demo in the woods.

At the end of the day, the JFW Open House was a hit as both parents and children had a blast playing outdoors, getting their hands dirty and spending quality time in family – The JFW Experience at its best!  As a result of the JFW Open House, lots of families were interested in getting involved with JFW.   Lots more to come!



JFW / Batesville Tree Plant @ Renews-Cappahayden

JFW Plant at Renews CappahaydenFamilies from JFW St. John’s East and our host hit Route 10 and wound down to Renews-Cappahayden on Sunday the 18th, for the annual Batesville plant.  The timing was perfect because Sunday was the start of National Forest Week, and the sunshine was a special gift, especially since we passed through several weather systems before arriving on site.

The crew dropped about 800 black spruce seedlings at the Renews-Cappahayden Waste Management Site.  The plant was led by planter-man Brent, and it was our third year of planting in the area.   All were pleased to see a much improved survival rate – the forest is coming!

Thanks to all who made it happen – Jason and Adam from Fisheries, Foresty and Agrifoods for the seedlings and planters, Eastern Region Service Board for the space that needed trees, and Batesville Canada who will be making a donation to the Junior Forest Wardens as part of the Living Memorial program.




The Spout

2016-07-16 12.51.12since it first got on the go in 2011, JFW St. John’s East talked about hiking the Spout, and in 2016, it happened!

led by Bruce, it was a glorious adventure for four families in the middle of July.  we went in old cart road (not everyone’s favourite section) on a Saturday and came out other side, after the lighthouse on the Sunday afternoon.  there was a bit of everything along the way – sun and heat and water and misery and more ‘up’ than anyone could imagine, even those who had done it before. whales and dolphins and a dead moose calf.  there was up to our elbows in muck (right Molly?), there were joy breaks and flop breaks and food breaks but nobody broke.

it was a Spout perfect time.   the sea was choppy, the air was hot, and the river was swollen from heavy rain the week before, so the Spout was in top form. and the Spout was a highlight but there were other spots you’d think were of imagination only – hot rocks and cool swimming holes, breathtaking ocean, big skies, and fresh air in every breath that reached down deep.

if the hiking was amazing then so was the camping.  with tired legs and hearty appetites and not much patience left, we pitched tents on the tables just after the Spout.   we pulled water from the stream and ate rehydrated food (wait 10 minutes!).  up over the hill was the shitter which, amazingly, charmed all.  a night under the stars rejuvenated the troop and off we went again, for more of the same marvelous sensations as the day before.  and then it was done.   until next time!



21st Annual JFW Tree Sale @ CD’s Trees

It was a blast!  This Tree Sale fundraiser was an unforgettable adventure for Wardens, and a successful one that will support next year’s program.   But way cooler than the temperature, it was an exercise that brought so many people together – starting with Chris and Debbie and the crowd at CD’s Trees.  Their will (and their herculean work!) was met by a refreshed promo effort  (tnx thegreenrock.ca ~ habits for your habitat) and executed by JFW families and media outlets (special thanks to Amanda and Dan and NTV!).

The Tree Sale legacy lived on at the former location on Brookfield Road, where Bill and Adam of the Department of Forestry and Agrifoods got the message out and the seedlings in.  Then the Town of Logy Bay Middle Cove Outer Cove (LBMCOC), got involved with logistics (residents, keep eye out for a new forest of white spruce coming soon!).

The JFW parents threw in their best with gate-keeping and hot dog cooking and sign architecting and more (Jennifer K. doesn’t show up in any pictures because she barely left the fair woods of CD’s Trees, but she was there from the first to the last).  The Wardens did like Wardens do – pulled wagons and had fun and generally brought joy.

But it would have been all for naught but for our beloved customers who braved the cold to support the cause.  Some were first-timers, and others have been coming since the earliest days.   Check out the shots!.  Thank you and yahoo!




Tree Sale Coming UP!

Basil-English1Junior Forest Warden Tree Sale Fundraiser at CD’s Trees this Saturday!  So many things that have been raised right here in NL – hardy trees, shrubs, plants and annuals.

Basil English, the Tree Guy (left), says, “I encourage everybody to consider planting a tree.   At first the tree will be very small, but it will grow big and will strip your own height! … As the tree grows, it will improve habitat for animals, keep you cooler during summer and warmer during winter, it will shade from the noises and your neighbors. The tree will also give you a better sense of well being and you will feel better about the place where you live. “

Check out what else Basil has to say about trees here.





Tele Hike!

Tele HikeJune 4, 2016 – Every year for many years Junior Forest Wardens have been hiking the East Coast Trail, so it was only right and proper that we were part of the great Tele Hike again this year.  We were few but mighty, and happy to raise $500 for the East Coast Trail Association.  Good hiking!





Hike at BurGOynes

faceonatbergMay 27, 2016 – After years of talking about it, we made it to the Burgoynes Hike, so now the second practice hike in preparation for the Spout is complete.  adventure fulfilled!   the weather was not shiny bright, so we didn’t go quite as deep into gear-carrying as we’d planned, but there were icebergs and we hit the hill in the drizzly rain and it was glorious.  we saw the site.   so weird, after years of talking about ‘hiking to the crash site’, it was astonishing to see that there was a crashed airplane.  it was very moving. we ate (a lot), and the tent was pitched and slept in by three wardens.  that the tent was pitched in the garage is odd, but what odds.




Tent Practice at Pippy Park

Pitching tents at Pippy Park in prepation for the overnight hike
Pitching tents at Pippy Park in preparation for the overnight hike

April 24, 2016 – We were up to our ankles in snow in some places, lolling around on the grass in others and lots of ‘let’s go’ enthusiasm in the Club!  In preparation for a Spout overnight in July, JFW St. John’s east took the tents for a test pitch at Pippy Park after a walk around Long Pond.   The outing began with Capture the Flag, then the pond walk, with a symphonic visit at the sound garden.  After the all-important snack, we talked hiking.  The tents went up and the tents came down, as onlookers wondered whether we were instigating an Occupy Pippy Park movement.  We’re getting ready!





s’no what?

February 6, 2016 – We didn’t ski again this year, and we didn’t even get to the general vicinity because of fierce road warnings.  “RCMP and Provincial road report says lots of standing water on the highway plus the flash freeze around noon and the high winds makes for not the safest driving conditions.”  That doesn’t mean we gave up!  Instead of the hills and the cabin in BURGines, we headed for the hot tub on Dartmouth Place, where Jennifer and Joshua and Keith opened the doors to the house, the oven, and, of course, the hottub.  The plan for pizza stood – James made the dough and we did ‘em our way.


2nd Annual Slide Scoff & Splash

January 24, 2016 – Winter is gorgeous for the senses, and JFW St. John’s East took its fill with the 2nd Annual Slide, Scoff & Splash at chez Keitye.   The hill was fast and full, and there was thrills, races collisions and more!   Appetites whetted, the troops made it to the food site and enjoyed a fabulous flavourful brunch.  Before the last muffin was gone, they were doing push-ups in the snow and splashing in the hot tub.







remains of the hike 

2015-12-06 14.02.18December 6, 2015 – the snow was perfect.  soft and puffy, fresh and the first real good snowfall of the year, so off we went.  all were thrilled to be walking in the woods.  and then the peace was interrupted by warden shenanigans ‘shaking the snow down from the trees’!  wicked.  Jennifer and Brandon led us on our hike left from the Manuels River Interpretation Centre, under the road and down the path-as-yet-untrod .  We made it to the fossils site!  And then the most amazing and historic snowroll war – the mama got taken down by the 14-year old for the first (and the last!) time.   Snacks and hot dogs cooked on an open fire at Topsail beach as the sun went down made for an stellar day in the snow and sun.  JFW rocks!



that was a camp!

2015-11-07 09.50.21November 6-8, 2015  Fall is camp time for JFW St. John’s East, and went to one of our favourite haunts at the CLB Camp in Foxtrap.  It was fab.   Lots of families made it in whole or in part, and the weather was wondrous!  Spotlight, campfires, archery, fort building, hatchet swinging, birthday celebrating, food eating, singing, pottery – all that and more.  We wrapped it up with shoebox gifts.





JFW Batesville Plant @ Renews-Cappahayden

2015-11-01 14.34.41 (1024x576)the day after Halloween, which is all Saints Day, was the ideal day for JFW St. John’s East to drop some seedlings into the earth for the Batesville plant.  in just over an hour and under the direction of Tree Plant Man (aka Chocolate man) six adults and 11 kids dropped about 1000 black and white spruce seedlings into their earth beds, tucked them in, and wished them well.

it was a return-to the Renews-Cappahayden Waste Management Facility in cooperation with Eastern Waste Management. last year we planted seedlings there last year as well. it was great to see them grow, and we look forward to going back next year.

thanks to Bill and Sara of the Forestry and Agrifoods Agency, Government of NL for the lovely little seedlings, and thanks to Batesville for their continued support.


Sea Kayak at Cape Broyle

bebjWVxT62c_TBdP8PFm6fU1IETnuH0DMLTsP76k8y4JFW St. John’s East kicked off the 2015-2016 year with an adventure at sea!

JFW families got up bright and early on a Sunday morning, layered up for the water, and headed south to Cape Broyle.  After a training session on land, Stan Cook’s Sea Kayak Crew had us all paddling in the same direction, even into the caves!  We learned so much about so much!  Uni – the Japanese sea urchin delicacies (crack them open over the paddle), how the coves were named, and that you get there better when you paddle together.

A beach boil up finished up the adventure.

Thanks Jennifer for organizing!





Annual Junior Forest Warden Tree Sale!  A hit

Green Shirts and Red Shirts together!  JJFW Tree Sale - a success!
Green Shirts and Red Shirts together! JFW Tree Sale – a success!

The rain held off and they came!  The Junior Forest Wardens  Annual Tree Sale, in partnership with CD’s Trees, was a hit!  Seedlings, shrubs, annuals, and great big trees were purchased by the many attendees at the event.   The Wardens had a blast, the hot dogs were enjoyed, and a great time was had by all.

Many thanks to Chris, Debbie, and the team of green shirts who helped make the day.

Special note to all the Wardens for their work in carting the plants down the hill for customers, and yeah for Derek who transported 117 plants!







the skiventure that wasn’t the same

20150322_095050for the first time since we started, our go-to ski-guy with the space in burGynes cove was out of the territory and so could not host the skiventure.  though disappointed, we persevered and found a new locale for the outing.  on the fabulous front, two new families officially joined the group!

it was a winter’s tale in springtime, as JFW families enjoyed the great outdoors (and indoors) in Swift Current on the Burin Peninsula.  beauty blue sky, warm sun, and a glorious day outdoors on saturday. a couple of families hit the hill.

later in the day, ‘swift current’ lived up to its name.  wardens and parents were fascinated by the slob ice (not a polar bear), ripples, eagles and ducks on the water.   a hike around the grounds whetted appetites, and a smorgasbord of pizza, shrimp, salad, hamburgers, hot dogs, gnocci and more were enjoyed by all.

as beauty as saturday was, sunday was the opposite.  sideways snow/hail/rain made us reconsider heading for the hill – we headed away from it.   it wasn’t the skiventure like other years, but it was grand.


1st Annual JFW Slide, Scoff & Soak

IMG_20150215_132117the middle of February brought sun and snow.  jfw met in the middle and enjoyed a fabulous slide at pippy park, scoff by jennifer, joshua and keith, and then a snowbowl and a soak in ye olde hot tubbe.

good crowd for this one!   upwards of 20 participated.

the hill was maggoty with loads of sliders, but not so crowded that JFW couldn’t hold a race.  there is something special about racing down a hill against your offspring.

seems like brent was the winner (or the sinner?). would have been different, but keith got caught in the pit.

the scoff was superb, especially after the banner sliding.

then came the hot tub.  all the hotter after rolling around in the snow.

what a day!




JFW January SLIDE!

2015-01-18 15.42.38it takes a second to realize why this boot is perpendicular to the slide, which is perpendicular to the earth.

the earth gives much:  soil for planting, sun for growing, and snow and ice and hills for sliding!  JFW St. John’s East went to their favourite hangout, CDs Trees in January, not to sell trees, not to plant pumpkins, but to slide.  it was wicked!

it was fast and furious and got more exciting as the day went on.  first the idea was that the snowbank would stop them.  then it changed to be an obstacle to go over.  in true JFW fashion, it worked.  (credit phil’s waxing of the slides!)

Debbie of CD’s Trees stopped to chat on her way for a snowshoe, and the kids loved being in the store for a warm-up.





JFW Tree Plant 2014:  Renews-Capphayden

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwhere there is a scar, there will be a forest. just wait

a contingent of Junior Forest Wardens St. John’s East hit the hills of Renews Cappahayden in November, armed with planters and 480 seedings.  it was cold and windy but spirts were high and the planting was easy!

we were welcomed by the Eastern Waste Management and the Renews-Cappahayden Regional Waste Management Facility, who kindly came across with doughnuts!  always good after a plant.

in addition to Eastern Waste Management who had a site in need of trees, Junior Forest Wardens St. John’s East completed the project with support from Batesville,  the Newfoundland and Labrador’s Department of Natural Resources who provided seedlings and planting equipment, and thegreenrock.ca.






JFW Camp!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAa crowd of JFWers, St. John’s East, and some new friends crossed the median in November, and went to camp in Foxtrap.  the weather was great, the food was fabulous (we even made special treats out of the apples harvested from CDs Trees) and a milestone birthday to boot!

the wardens walked in woods, had a campfire, cooked and cleaned, did a little geocacheing, had an outright concert and rocked the CLB cabin with an amazing spectacle of order over chaos.  you kind of had to be there.

we will be there again!





JFW PPP Plant – Harvest!

2014-10-07 18.55.46The Hunter’s Moon was rising on October 7 when JFW St. John’s East concluded the PPP project that began in May.  Harvest time!

Buckets of potatoes, fists full of peas, and a couple of pumpkins grew on the plot donated by C.D.’s Trees.

JFW Thanksgiving dinners will be highlighted with our own potatoes.   That will be great, but nothing will top the joy that comes with pulling up a jackpot potato plant – perfect potatoes of all shapes and sizes!    We’ll keep a few for seed.

Mission accomplished. Many thanks to Chris and Debbie, the C and D of CD’s Trees, the ParticiPACTION Teen Challenge Grant and thegreenrock.ca.

(And just to close the loop… here are a couple of the boys cutting seed potatoes for planting back in May along side the boys digging them up.  They’ve grown, and so have the potatoes.)


the potato boys
three potato boys
two potato boys four months later
two potato boys four months later















JFW ZIP! – Petty Harbour

Lucas on the ZIpMore than 20 wardens and parents, ranging in weight from above 70 lb to below 250 made it to new JFW heights on Sunday October 5 at North Atlantic Ziplines Petty Harbour.

The sun, the colours, the smell of the woods… the thrill of flight.  Single, tandem, the rescues the bump… so many amazing experiences.   Great start to the new JFW Year!

The pictures are worth 1000 words… check out the website gallery, and if you have Dropbox drop in here for more photos here! 








PPP Plant 2014 – half way through the growing season!

20140717_142821Way back in May the planting party started, and now into August there’s lots on the grow at the JFW Plot, C.D.’s Trees.   We’ve planted, we’ve tilled, we’ve put into the ground, we’ve fertilized with capelin, we’ve watered and weeded.  And gratefully with Chris Swyers’ ingenuity, the plants have received water regularly even in the hot summer that 2014 is!

We had a visit from thegreenrock.ca Conservation Corps Green Team.  They were impressed.  JFW families and friends have got their hands (and feet!) dirty, and there is more to come!






Capelin!  – JFW Plant 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter the cold broke in June, all got hot and the capelin were rolling!   Like Newfoundlanders did not so long ago, JFW St. John’s East fertilized the garden with capelin.  Slippery to touch, and just a bit squishy, the wardens (and some friends) went up to their elbows.








Tilling the Soil – Pumpkins, peas and potatoes!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen the ground thawed out, JFW St. John’s East tilled the soil!  WIth a rented tiller and a good crew of workers, we tilled and hoed and throwed rocks and got beds ready to plant.  Before the night was over, all hands had a go with the roto tiller, and much was accomplished in a short time.








Pumpkins, peas and potatoes – planting begins!

skilled planting
skilled planting

They say it takes a community to grow a garden and the gang is all here!  Junior Forest Wardens St. John’s East in partnership with CD’s Trees, with financial support from the ParticiPACTION Teen Challenge Grant and thegreenrock.ca pooled strengths and got the planting party started!  The big idea is to take it full circle – plant grow harvest sell compost reclaim seed.

Members of the JFW team met at CD’s greenhouse May 14 and prepped the pumpkins, peas and potatoes for sprouting.   Next step is to til the soil – there is a rototiller (or a horse) and capelin in the future!  Chris Swyers of CD’s Trees is giving use of the land and expertise, and JFW families and friends will do the work through the growing season!

Stay tuned!






Pour it on!  Tapping trees at Pippy Park

Tree Tapping

Junior Forest Wardens are all about trees:  planting them, nurturing them, and thanks to the Friends of Pippy Park, now we know about tapping them!   A small but lively crew from JFW St. John’s East joined the throng (and the goats) at Pippy Park on April 6!

We listened, learned, tried sap raw and syrup boiied, and enjoyed hot choc and are planning ahead for a tap event next year!









JFW:  Ski? Oui!  And Top ‘o the Morning to you too…

happy hosts
happy paddy’s day  hosts

sun supreme, fantasy-island hills, and a great tribe of JFWers made an amazing time at White Hills, and burGYNES cove on Paddy’s Day weekend.  the hills were alive, and ocean had little motion as JFW St. John’s East families took it to the limit.  great shots!

thomas, james and bruce headed from the hills early.  quarter master jim had lots of help – no one left hungry.

first timers and old timers.  skis and boards and snowshoes. wipeouts to leprechauns,  sign-a-longs to mardi gra beads.  Newfoundland Chocolate to Lucky Charms (it was Paddy’s Day after all!), parents and wardens alike had a fabulous time.





JFW St. John’s East and Olympic Hockey!

How the game was won!
How the game was won!


It is the standard practice of JFW St. John’s East to get out and play.  But, when it’s the Olympic Mens Hockey Final, we adjust.

Sunday, February 23, 2014.  Sochi via Rumbolt Place St. John’s.  It was early, so Jim made sure we knew which house it was by flying the red and white:  stellar contrast against the blue sky and white snow.

Parents and kids and cheers and quizzes and prizes and food and friends and O WHAT A GAME!


O Jim, O Tammi O Canada.  Great one!





JFW St. John’s East Loops the Loop!

JFW St. John's Easton a yummy snowy day February 2, JFW St. John’s East did the Loop!   big fat flakes fell and so did several of us, but it was beauty.   we followed up with hot chocolate and chat over to coffee matters.

11 bodies from Kennedy/Pickard, Finn/Todd, Riskalla, and Keyte were all part of it.    thanks jennifer for co-ordinating!









JFW Winter Solstice Caroling – December 21, 2013

neil benson carol plaqueThere was snow and song and pizza and cake, but the highlight of the event was the big thank-you to Neil Benson for all he’s done for JFW NL over the years!   The troop    We trotted up and down Conway Crescent, calling for light (thank you lovely neighbours for going along with us!).  Kids and adults alike enjoyed carolling, and what a melody of  sound.  Neighbours joined in the ruckus, and my my my what a long song the 12 days of Christmas is!  We did it.

Then came the pizza.  And Neil and Shirley.  And the cake.  And the plaque.  It was an honour and a pleasure to present Neil with the token of our appreciation.


Left to right – Lucy, Sarah, Neil, Ella, Owen, James (Thomas waving from the back)




JFW-NL Mummering – December 14, 2013!

JFW Mummering
JFW Mummering

ok, we didn’t recognize each other, but JFW St. John’s East had a grand old time in the Mummers Parade on December 14!   After getting kitted out, we assembled at Bishop Feild school and wound through the streets of downtown St. John’s with hundreds, if not thousands, of others.   All shape and size and sound!  It was cold but fun.












JFW-NL Adventure in Cupids! – November 17, 2013 

On the rocks, in Cupids NL
On the rocks, in Cupids NL



Cupids, NL is the oldest English settlement in Canada.   Peter Laracy, General Manager of the Cupids Legacy Centre welcomed JFW St. John’s East on November 17.  Fairles, hikes, histories, stories, music and so much more was jam-packed into the adventure.

Highlights included a tour of the cemetery, stories of what brought the English to Cupids, arrowheads and trade with the Beothuk, recitations and music, and a hike outdoors.  Peter was absolutely fabulous in the dramatic recreation at the gates of Heaven.  The wardens were mesmerized.

Not so mesmerized, though that they were caught by the fairies (the bread helped)!    Pioneering the fairy trail was a another highlight, and packed lunch never ever tastes as good as it does outdoors.

A great day of learned a little bit more about our outdoor environment, and how those very first settlers managed to build their lives in North America.



JFW Tree Plant #2 – Mount Pearl, October 5, 2013


It was drizzly, but all the better for the little seedlings!  Brent and Michael took to the gravel and sod on Beclin Avenue and in the Kenmount Cemetary, and planted four trays of seedlings.  they returned wet and hungry, but feeling great.

the plant was organized through Julia Schwartz in the City of Mount Pearl, and supported by Batesville.  trees provided by the Forestry Services Branch of the Department of Natural Resources.






Tree Plant – Fluvarium September 27, 2013


wow what a day!  national forest week was celebrated in fine style  with the Batesville Plant. on September 29.

the sun was shining and hundreds of seedlings were planted (dropped in tree plant lingo) around the fluvarium by JFW St. John’s East and friends..  Tree plant sponsor Batesville will contribute $1 for every tree planted.

brent (as usual) did a stellar job as lead – informing, motivating, delineating (with gauze) and making sure the trees were well-planted.

the lunch organized by keith barrett was stupendous.  no exaggeration.  three people said, with reverence, ‘that was the best hot dog I ever had’.  one person – an older one with much hot dog experience – considered carefully before committing to ‘one of the best’.

it was a pleasure (and a planting productivity bonus) to have five potential new wardens – nickie (maher), shaunae, mark, alex and jason.

and on the go forward – brent will drop the rest of the trees with JFW members later this fall.  potential sites include the Grand Concourse and the East Coast Trail.


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