Groups of families, friends, co-workers and like-minded people can start their own JFW Club, and get in on the great adventure!

Junior Forest Warden NL Clubs are part of the provincial body, as well as part of the AJFWA organization.   Along with registering with AJFWA, JFW NL Clubs are required to:

  • to have representation at the JFW NL Provincial Executive Council (2-3 meetings per year),and are required to annually submit:
  • a list of Members (Wardens, Parents, Leaders, Volunteers)
  • a plan for the year
  • financial statement
  • pay a registration fee
  • organize and participate in outings:  hiking, biking, skiing, camping, rock climbing, canoeing, snow adventure, geocaching, etc.
  • provide a schedule of events to JFW-NL
  • plant trees


To get started:

Send an email to your network of friends, your school, work colleagues anyone who has school-aged children letting them know about the program (you will want about 5 families to start a club). Something like:

My family is interested in starting a Junior Forest Wardens Club.  JFW is a family-based outdoor adventure program that does activities – hiking, biking, camping, canoeing, etc. – according to a schedule that works for the participating families.   For more information visit website 

JFW NL is registered with the national organization, and insured under JFW Alberta.  It is governed by a provincial executive.  JFW NL has equipment – canoes, a cabin and camping gear, snowshoes, gps, for groups to use.  There is one major fundraiser per year – the Annual Junior Forest Wardens Tree Sale in June. Five families is the minimum number for a group but eight is the recommended.  

if you’re interested, and if your family is willing to go to participate (proposed schedule), and if you’re up for planning something excellent to do once every sixteen weeks, let me know.

Hold a preliminary meeting with the provincial executive and/or an existing Club.  Determine the frequency of meetings and general plans.

Join the Adventure!


Start a Club