Legacy Plant 2018

  • Brian McShane, Jennifer Keyte, and Don Sword of the Rotary Club display the new plaque commemorating the Legacy Forest.
  • Junior Forest Wardens read a list of Rotarians being honoured by the tree planting.
  • The audience is captivated listening to the names of Rotarians read aloud. Several people sit on couches in the chalet while a large group stands behind them.
  • Family members of the Rotarians plant a tree in memory of their loved one. A group of 8 people are standing around a freshly planted tree, some holding shovels.
  • Junior Forest Wardens and Rotarians, some holding shovels, stand next to a freshly planted tree and a pile of mulch.
  • Dave Finn helps a young boy dig a hole for a tree.
  • Don Sword of the Rotary Club with Jill and Jim Osmond. Jill
  • Sassy Tuna does a caricature drawing of a Junior Forest Warden.
  • Junior Forest Wardens, mostly wearing JFW t-shirts, display their banner inside the Rotary Chalet. Adults and children are pictured. There are 17 people in total.

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