Junior Forest Wardens Annual Tree Sale – Saturday June 14, 2014, CDs Trees 406 Marine Drive, Logy Bay

JFW Tree Sale 2014Junior Forest Wardens Annual Tree Sale is nearly here!  Make it a family outdoor adventure!  Set yourself up for a fabulous morning at CDs Trees, 406 Marine Drive, Logy Bay!  CDs Trees is five minutes from NTV on Logy Bay Road.  Pass NTV, pass the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, go under the overpass, pass Avalon Animal Hospital, turn right onto Cadigan’s Road, left onto Marine Drive.  CDs is number 406.

A fabulous selection of home grown trees and shrubs.  CDs Trees staff will be able to answer questions, and the Junior Forest Wardens will be on hand to help with your purchases. 

Click here to see a selection from the huge inventory JFW Tree Sale-Price List 2014.  To see the NTV Community Snapshot click here!

JFW Tree Sale
JFW Tree Sale

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