PlantingConnecting with  the outdoors is one of the strongest, healthiest habits for a family to have.

In Newfoundland and Labrador we have traditionally relied on the outdoor environment to survive, and that connection lives. There are streams of research that encourage outdoor activity – like ParticipACTION Teen Challenge, David Suzuki’s Canada’s 30×30 Nature Challenge┬ábecause it promotes wellness,


The benefits of starting or joining a Junior Forest Wardens NL Club include:

  • – the physical and mental health benefits of being outside
  • – personal growth for children and parents/guardians through challenge
  • – building friendships
  • – being together with family
  • – older wardens help and are role models for younger wardens
  • – helping protect and preserve our natural environment


JFW-NL Clubs are structured so that all member families can choose and organize activities that are of interest to them and are appropriate for their adventure level.

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