Annual JFW Batesville Plant

juliajfw1Every fall Junior Forest Wardens love to get outdoors and plant. This year the Annual Batesville Plant took place at Colliers. It was a perfect day to plant – good sun, but no flies because there was a decent wind.

Seven JFW families and friends participated, and together they dropped about 500 seedlings – white spruce, black spruce and juniper.  They paired up in teams and traversed the barrens.

We had the boil up of course – lipton cup of soup, hot dogs, hot chocolate and all the trimmings.  Big thanks to Sara at the Department of Fisheries and Land Resources setting us up with the location and the sweet seedlings.  And big thanks to Batesville for their continued support. Batesville is a Canadian casket-making company.  Each year they support tree plants that contribute to sustainable forests for generations to come.

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