2013-06-08 08.58.01Junior Forest Wardens Newfoundland and Labrador (JFW-NL) is a family-based outdoor adventure program.

JFW-NL Clubs are self-organized by groups of 8-12 families, and at least one parent or guardian per farmily attends events with wardens.  ‘Wardens’ are school-aged children.   JFW meetings/outings are planned and scheduled by the families – some groups meet weekly, some bi-weekly, some monthly.  JFW has developed a structured program to challenge all age groups, and Clubs can participate in the program as they see fit.  JFW-NL owns a selection of outdoor equipment (canoes, gps systems) that is available for Clubs to use on their outings.

Typical JFW-NL adventures include hiking, climbing, skiing, biking, camping, canoeing, GPS, geo-caching, participating in the Santa Claus Parade, and the annual JFW Tree Sale.  The JFW Tree Sale is the major annual event that raises awareness of JFW-NL, and raises funds to support the program.  The Annual Tree Sale takes place in early June, and most recently in co-operation with CDs Trees, Logy Bay.

JFW-NL has been in existence since the 1940s, sometimes having as many as 4000 members.  There are JFW Clubs in Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan.  JFW falls under the administrative structure of JFW-Alberta. There are currently two Clubs JFW St. John’s East (2011) now known as the Giant Squid, and the Wild Wanderers (2016).  The JFW NL is overseen by a volunteer executive, comprised of Club leaders.  The JFW-NL Board of Directors includes:

  • Brian McShane, President
  • Dan Farrell, Treasurer
  • Kim Todd
  • Sheri Kennedy

The Junior Forest Wardens program is supported by the provincial government, Department of Fisheries and Land Resources




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